Fresh in terrine & canned

Artisanal production
of Cassoulet

Our cannery offers you canned artisanal cassoulet but also sends our fresh products to your home (sausages, duck breast...).
You can choose among different varieties of cassoulet: duck, goose or pork confit. We transform and manufacture our cassoulets without coloring agents or preservatives in our laboratory.
The Escourrou House concocts preserves in the respect of the traditions in its laboratory of Castelnaudary. We ensure the manufacture of all our products, without coloring and without preservatives in order to preserve the true flavors of the French soil.

cassoulet with duck, goose or pork confit

Celebrate your event with our cassoulets

What could be better than a cassoulet with duck confit to celebrate a birthday, a family reunion or a village party? With Maison Escourrou, you will find all the flavors of Cassoulet Le Régal in the greatest respect of tradition and your taste buds.

Family reunion
Village party

House escourrou

Our artisanal cassoulets

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